Elsie and I, days #10 – #16

The last week has been ok. Not fantastic, but not too bad either. There have been a couple of minor (potentially major) fails. Minor, because i was sort of prepared. Had I not been, they would have been fairly disastrous.

  1. First one was something I’ve been assured by others on Twitter that has happened to almost everyone when they begin using a pump. I showered before leaving for work and in my usual routine got dressed, grabbed my lunch and left the house, with Elsie sitting on my bedside table. I never realised until i got to work – some 40 minutes later. No need to panic though. I managed with a spare reservoir and an insulin syringe – with lots of testing and lots of very small injections.
  2. Saturday morning Elsie ran out of insulin at work. I thought 20 units will last me until lunchtime no problem, but it would seem that I either go through 20 units more quickly than I realise when I’m grazing at work or 20u doesn’t really mean 20u. (I’ve a feeling it may be the former). Elsie is now set to start nagging me (gently) at 30u left in reservoir.
  3. Following 2. above, I had a rather hasty set change followed by 24 hours of not so great blood glucose readings. These weren’t off the scale but higher than I’ve been used to recently. I put this down to it being the weekend, not having basal rates set for working early shifts and eating more carbs than usual – weekends usually involve pizza, crisps, a small amount of wine or beer and other things that would have the Dietician foaming at the mouth. I finally paid attention when the cannula site became painful.  On closer inspection, much of the insulin Elsie had delivered was just sitting under the skin. A not so hasty set change quickly sorted this out. I need to trust my carb counting abilities – I’ve been doing it for years and knew that I shouldn’t have had to correct as much as I was doing.
  4. I drove to my Other Half’s last night to discover I had left my emergency bag in The Shire. A brief panic at the prospect of an 80 minute round trip was making me more than a little bit grumpy, but I’ve been  forgetful for a very long time – as you can probably tell from this post – and have got into the habit of keeping spare meters in various places as well as insulin in various fridges. Panic over.

Still feeling great. Still got lots to learn. To top it off, my HbA1c has come down to 7.7% (60.7).  Looking forward to the next 7 days.