Elsie and I, day #50

Today has been a generally good day. After all the stress of the last few weeks I’m beginning to feel like my old self. My GP has reduced my BP meds and I’m feeling a huge difference already.

I’ve spent some time looking at my last few weeks results on Carelink and using the 1800 and 500 rules with my average daily insulin dose. I’ve reduced my insulin to carb ratio and my correction factor. There’s been a noticeable improvement already.  Remember if you work in mmol/l you will need to divide your result to the 1800 rule by 18 to convert from mg/dL to mmol/L.

I also managed a tasty low carb dinner, loosley based on this grilled swordfish with peach & avocado salsa. Peaches are out of season, so I substituted kiwi for them and used cod because it was reduced in the local supermarket. 18g carbs in one serving I reckon. (I used the My Net Diary App to calculate this).

I’m looking forward to the next few days to see how things go and hoping to get some (gentle) exercise done tomorrow.


Elsie and I, day #49

Day 49 already.  There’s been a bit of a hiatus. For around 8 weeks I’ve been getting chest pain and shortness of breath. This has more or less since I got Elsie – a few weeks before going live.  After 3 hospital admissions – one rather disastrous and two extremely efficient, I now know for certain that I don’t have coronary artery disease. This is good news, given that I’ve been Type 1 for almost 30 years. I saw the evidence myself on a screen at the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh after having an angiogram on Friday.

I’d been prepped for this by lots of people telling me it would be a relatively straightforward procedure – which it was and that as a Type 1 of 30 years, I could expect to see some narrowing and this would be sorted out there and then by a Stent being put in. Thankfully this wasn’t needed. The last few weeks have been pretty stressful to say the least, but I reckon Elsie and I have managed ok. I’m still having pain but at least its not my heart.

In the middle of all of this, I kinda lost the impetus to get on top of the diabetes, but Elsie has been there, quietly reminding me to test and sort out the highs – of which there have been a few.  On the particularly stressful days I found a temp basal of 140% seemed to do the trick.

Despite this, I’ve made a few changes in relation to my overnight basal in an attempt to sort out the Dawn Phenomenon.  I had a bit of a crisis of confidence when my beta-blocker was increased and I lost my hypo symptoms for a few days.  I was convinced the long feared night hypos were going to come back and slashed my overnight basal rates in a blind panic.  I’m slowly sorting this out but could do with another increase in my rate around 6.00am. Time to set that alarm again.

Things that are going well: Huge drop in the number of hypos. Basal rate getting there.

Things to work on: Low Carb, post meal highs and dual/square bolus.

Last 14 day averages: CHO – 276g, BG: 11.5 mmol/L (207 mg/dL), Tests per day: 6.64.