Elsie and I, day #49

Day 49 already.  There’s been a bit of a hiatus. For around 8 weeks I’ve been getting chest pain and shortness of breath. This has more or less since I got Elsie – a few weeks before going live.  After 3 hospital admissions – one rather disastrous and two extremely efficient, I now know for certain that I don’t have coronary artery disease. This is good news, given that I’ve been Type 1 for almost 30 years. I saw the evidence myself on a screen at the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh after having an angiogram on Friday.

I’d been prepped for this by lots of people telling me it would be a relatively straightforward procedure – which it was and that as a Type 1 of 30 years, I could expect to see some narrowing and this would be sorted out there and then by a Stent being put in. Thankfully this wasn’t needed. The last few weeks have been pretty stressful to say the least, but I reckon Elsie and I have managed ok. I’m still having pain but at least its not my heart.

In the middle of all of this, I kinda lost the impetus to get on top of the diabetes, but Elsie has been there, quietly reminding me to test and sort out the highs – of which there have been a few.  On the particularly stressful days I found a temp basal of 140% seemed to do the trick.

Despite this, I’ve made a few changes in relation to my overnight basal in an attempt to sort out the Dawn Phenomenon.  I had a bit of a crisis of confidence when my beta-blocker was increased and I lost my hypo symptoms for a few days.  I was convinced the long feared night hypos were going to come back and slashed my overnight basal rates in a blind panic.  I’m slowly sorting this out but could do with another increase in my rate around 6.00am. Time to set that alarm again.

Things that are going well: Huge drop in the number of hypos. Basal rate getting there.

Things to work on: Low Carb, post meal highs and dual/square bolus.

Last 14 day averages: CHO – 276g, BG: 11.5 mmol/L (207 mg/dL), Tests per day: 6.64.


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